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Use the power of presence and storytelling to communicate, inspire, develop trust and move people to action.

Storytelling: A Powerful Business Tool

  • Build Trust and Understanding: Sharing personal stories that shaped values and perspectives
  • Paint a Picture of the Organisation: Sharing its values and what makes it unique
  • Teach a Lesson: From personal experience of failure or success
  • Provoke Change: With compelling or cautionary tales, or by creating a vision of the future
  • Change Perspective: Presenting a problem through a different lens
  • Build a Relationship: Sharing personal or business stories that highlight common ground

TRUE INFLUENCE through PRESENCE and STORYTELLING links the best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to help leaders, managers and subject matter experts convey information with impact and influence. They’ll learn how to expand their expressiveness and use the power of storytelling to communicate their values, inspire trust, and galvanize the people around them to take action.



Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Deliver a personal story that is audience ready and can be linked to a strategic business issue
  • Access a broader range of physical and voice expressiveness when delivering your story (less monotone, more modulation).
  • An action plan with specific steps on how to continue developing your presence

Program Details

  • Date: Thursday 19th July 2018, 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Location: Cliftons Melbourne, Level 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Price: $895 plus GST
Workshop: Morning

Morning activities focus on vocal expressiveness, breathing and voice, with practical skill building to expand communication style through presence.

  • Introduction to Leadership Presence Skills with the PRES Model: Present, Reaching Out, Expressive, Self-Knowing
  • Expanding Communication Style through Expressiveness: Participants learn how to achieve greater impact by exploring a wider and more adept use of vocal and physical flexibility, spontaneity, passion, energy and
Workshop: Afternoon

Tying storytelling to business, the afternoon focuses on rehearsing techniques and skills from the morning, presenting a story, and receiving facilitator feedback.

  • Leveraging Storytelling for Business Communication: Participants identify and incorporate personal stories into business communications to present and connect in a more compelling way, practicing different scenarios that require physical and vocal variety to get key messages After rehearsing in pairs, participants present a story to the full group and receive facilitator feedback.
  • Application and Action Planning: Participants create an action plan of how they can use stories in their


Your facilitator: Raj Sidhu

Raj is a presence facilitator for The Ariel Group. He studied psychology, sociology and English literature at Flinders University and has a degree in Performance as a NIDA graduate.

As an actor Raj has worked for MTC, STC, Belvoir and the Griffin Theatre Company. He appeared in The Ghost Writer at the MTC, and Almost With You by Elizabeth Coleman at Melbourne’s famed La Mama Theatre. Raj has appeared in many of Australia’s foremost television series including, Home and Away, All Saints, Embassy, Janus, GP and Sea Change and Dirt Game. He starred opposite Magda Subanski in three television comedy movies, including “Dog Woman” for the Nine Network. He features as part of the ensemble in both seasons of the acclaimed ABC series Lowdown and in the sci-fi thriller Predestination.

He has also established a successful career as a facilitator, coach and consultant in the corporate arena, working with executives groups managers and staff in the areas of leadership presence, communication strategy and training, media coaching, presentation skills, conflict resolution, leadership capability, behavioural insight and culture change, flexibility and diversity, sales development and strategic thinking and planning.