About us

Who we are

We are the Australian arm of The Ariel Group, an international training firm established 25 years ago in the United States. We are comprised of performing artists and business professionals who believe the workplace functions better when people interact generously and communicate well.

Our view is that leadership is about relationships—more specifically, the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to influence or inspire them towards a desired outcome.

We build leadership capacity at every level of our Australian and Asian client organisations by helping their people leverage emotional intelligence, self-awareness and dynamic communication skills for maximum impact.

Our flexible offerings draw on best practices from actor training and adult learning and use a wide variety of online and classroom formats to ensure our clients receive the highest quality training to support their strategic initiatives.

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What we do

Our approach to learning is founded in theatre

Ariel’s experiential approach combines the most effective aspects of adult learning with the methodology actors employ to develop their skills.

Research tells us that the most effective learning happens when individuals are engaged in a variety of ways: cognitive, emotional, physical, etc. Learning, defined as the adoption of new skills and behaviors, is more than “knowing.” It requires “doing” in order to truly internalise the knowledge. Ariel’s interactive, experiential model infused with the teachings of the theater combines all of these elements to create lasting behavior change:


Just as the actor builds skills directly relevant to  the role she is playing, Ariel’s small-group workshops are tailored to the specific skills and behaviors the participants need to succeed in their daily roles at work.


Actors learn by taking risks, making mistakes, readjusting and trying again. Ariel’s approach encourages participants to stretch outside their comfort zone in a comfortable environment in which to experiment with new skills.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. It’s an old joke but a timeless truth. Ariel training incorporates the actor’s rehearsal process. Under the encouraging eye of our facilitators (playing the role of director) participants receive individual feedback and coaching that promotes “muscle memory” and brings out their best performance.


Self-reflection is a key element in an actor’s training. You need to know yourself before you can effectively play someone else. The same goes for Ariel coaching and workshops. Reflection, either through self-reflective exercises or reflection via feedback from facilitator and peers is integral to Ariel’s approach


It works. Proven in theater workshops, high performing schools or executive development, learning experiences that combine teaching, showing and doing, that encourage risk-taking, that work at an intellectual, emotional and physical level produce better results.