Upcoming Event 21st March: The Executive Presence Masterclass

Graduates (Early Professionals)

graduates and early professionals

Despite the best efforts of leading colleges and universities to prepare young people for the business world, many employers are finding that their entry level talent struggles to communicate effectively, show up with confidence and competence and demonstrate empathy and understanding.

Our work with graduates and early career professionals focuses on helping them build foundational presence skills that will serve them throughout their careers. They’ll learn how to show up on-brand, communicate concise messages, listen effectively and understand the impact they are having on others. Specifically they learn to:

  • Project competence, curiosity and empathy
  • Communicate the right information to the right people in a clear, efficient manner
  • Insert themselves and their ideas into meetings and conversations
  • Develop a personal brand
  • Apply the 4 essential elements of presence to their current role and as they advance along their career path
  • Understand their own presence strengths and learning edges and the behavioral strategies that will make them more effective
  • Deliver updates with confidence, energy and authenticity to a variety of different audiences