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High Potential Employees

high potential employees

When being considered for the next level of leadership, high-potentials need to move beyond being seen as a good manager or brilliant subject matter expert and start selling themselves as deserving of the spotlight. They need to have a heightened awareness of how they show up to others and be able to harness their authentic presence to earn authority and inspire followership.

Our work with high-potentials usually centers around helping them be more visible as a leader by boosting their confidence and communication skills:

  • Identifying blind-spots and areas for development
  • Speaking with confidence, clarity, authority and passion in a variety of casual and formal business settings
  • Using personal stories and values to connect authentically with others and build trust
  • Staying present in and calm during high-stakes situations
  • Leveraging emotional intelligence to adjust approach

Sound familiar?

Essential Presence Skills

  • Able to “show up” and be fully present for others despite his or her own personal agenda
  • Gives clear, inspirational and actionable direction to others
  • Builds trusted relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • Sets the emotional tone of meetings and interactions
  • Confidently leverages unique personal style in leadership contexts in order to impact and influence
  • Has a repertoire of personal and business stories with actionable teaching points