Upcoming Event 21st March: The Executive Presence Masterclass



It’s tough being in the middle. Managers need to think “big picture” while keeping a razor eye on the details. They need to show up well to senior leaders, build and leverage relationships across functions and motivate direct reports to execute on strategies and directives that are often difficult or unclear.

Our work with managers focuses on building presence agility in a broad range of business situations:

  • Understanding the power of presence as it relates to status, perceived competence and trustworthiness
  • Cascading strategy for peers and direct reports with clarity and colour
  • Influencing up down and across by building relationships and communicating with impact
  • Motivating & inspiring performance while doing more with less
  • Staying calm and collected in times of change or ambiguity

Investing in your managers

We all know that your managers are a critical point of leverage in your business but they need support, training and often need to be empowered. When we ask managers, what is the greatest takeaway they would like from our workshops, we receive varied responses, invariably the one that stands out over and over is “I want to be more inspiring”. The skills covered in our manager programs all support this goal and ultimately, impact the behaviour of the direct reports under your managers.

Your managers also walk away better prepared to understand what they need to learn, change and do take on their next leadership role.

Sound familiar? We’d love to discuss the unique needs of your managers.

Essential Skills

  • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in the moment
  • Able to “show up” and be fully present for others despite his or her own personal agenda
  • Gives clear, inspirational and actionable direction to others
  • Builds trusted relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • Sets the emotional tone of meetings and interactions
  • Able to cascade strategy and interpret/translate big picture vision for peers and direct reports