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Sales Managers and Sales People

sales managers and sales people

In a commoditised market where technological advances allow customers to research solutions long before reaching out to speak, sales professionals need to be able to differentiate themselves through the quality of their personal relationships with clients.

Whether they challenge with insights or problem-solve through a consultative model, our work with Sales Professionals usually focuses on tactics to ignite established process through relationship building and communicating with emotional intelligence. Today's most effective sales professional has the ability to:

  • Use the power of storytelling to connect with clients’ hearts and minds, galvanizing them to take action
  • Connect to clients through emotional intelligence and active listening
  • Develop an awareness of presence challenges that may be detracting from effectiveness
  • Be present in the moment so they are able to deal with the unexpected
  • Reframe an objection as a client's unmet need
  • Express themselves congruently not just with words, but also how they use their voice and body.
  • Communicate in a way which builds relationships based on trust.

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