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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

subject matter experts

Subject Matter Experts are among the smartest people in your organisation. However it is likely they are coming up short of their full potential—not because they lack intelligence or technical proficiency, but because they haven’t developed the presence to communicate their value with clarity and conviction.

Subject matter experts need to demonstrate the confidence that matches their expertise and intellect. By mastering the subtleties of voice, body, and message congruence, they must learn how to craft and deliver a polished, compelling statement of the unique value they bring to the table.

From product specialists to scientists, subject matter experts are tasked with presenting or explaining information to a variety of audiences in a way that is compelling and effective.

Our work with subject matter experts tends to focus on high-impact strategies for communicating dynamically:

  • Making complex data or scientific concepts accessible
  • Generating excitement or buy-in to a product or idea
  • Showing up as polished, confident, thoughtful and authoritative
  • Speaking informally/handling Q&A
  • Using emotional intelligence to read a room and adjust approach.

Sound familiar? We’d love to discuss the unique needs of your group.

Essential Skills

  • Makes a strong first impression in multiple contexts
  • Able to influence without authority in 1-1 situations (across silos, to clients and to senior stakeholders)
  • Masters delivery as well as content: engages others using images, metaphor, story and dynamic expression
  • Communicates with expertise and credibility on unexpected and difficult topics
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence: able to manage range of emotions of self and other
  • Performs well under stress, able to set boundaries and push back as necessary