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Commonwealth Bank

The Client

The Commonwealth Bank is one of the big four Australian Banks that provides the full suite of financial products and services, that includes retail, premium, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and share-broking products and services.

The Challenge

The Risk Division is a specialist business unit within the bank is made up of clever, highly talented technical specialists. And although their technical skills and knowledge was unquestionable their leaders felt that they were holding back and had more to contribute to the business. In short, the pressing issues was that the bank felt that they had far more potential than was being realised.

The bank identified a cohort of highly technical people from the risk group with an aim to develop them, so that they were better placed to:
• Influence others in the business and bring their expertise to the forefront
• Focus on building stronger internal relationships (one-on-one communication)
• Create better connections with other team members and employees within the business
• Feel empowered to take on leadership roles

The Solution

The Ariel Group Australia conducted a tailored workshop - Personal Presence with a group of technical specialists who were nominated to attend after being defined as High Potentials by the bank.

This included one-on-one interviews with each participant prior to the workshop and a post workshop follow-up plan to sustain the momentum created.

The Outcomes

The client admitted that it was a very broad remit and wasn’t really sure what to expect as this was a unique set of individuals in the bank.
As part of the workshop the group learned:

  • about passionate purpose (i.e. how to get their information across in the way they intended);
  • to take on a leadership role, working with colleagues and customers;
  • to listen more effectively to their peers and colleagues by going through a series of role playing exercises with job-specific situations;
  • Become situationally fluent with presence skills to influence more strongly;

Initially some of the participants were cynical about the program and didn’t want to be there, however after completion of the program every one of them provided positive feedback and indicated high personal value from having participated.

The client advised that the program had hit the mark for what was required.