John Holland – Engineering and Construction Company

How Ariel Group Australia helped John Holland improve the success of their graduates internally.

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The Client

John Holland is one of the leading engineering, contracting and service providers to the infrastructure, energy, resources and transport services sectors across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Their experience covers a wide range of contracting and services capabilities, from building and civil construction solutions in the infrastructure sector to the delivery of major tunnels, water and environment, energy, minerals and industrial projects in the energy and resources sector.

The business is driven by a collaborative approach to project delivery and the diversity of skills and capabilities.

The Challenge

In past years, newly hired graduates join the organisation and although they have been successful in the university studies, the corporate world seems a little daunting. They tend not to speak up during meetings about the business and lack courage to do so.

The impact on their career growth and any promotional opportunities is big, as they do not allow their brilliance to shine. Ariel conducted our Personal Presence program for the graduates which had immediate impact.

“…[The Ariel Group’s] Presence workshop opened my eyes, ears and heart to the things in need to do to show up with presence when I'm with my colleagues, my bosses, or clients.”

- -Client contact

The Solution

We developed a custom program based on Personal Presence, creating a solution that is blended into their induction program a little after they start.

We emphasised the importance of energy and focus in meetings and how having a clear and congruent purpose behind your communication affect the way the message is received by the audience.

With these improved communications skills, the graduates have gained the courage to speak up during meetings and add valuable input, thus raising their brand and profile.