Baker McKenzie: Global Law Firm

How Ariel Group Australia helped a global law firm develop leadership presence with their female partners in Asia Pacific.



women in the workplace

The Client

Baker McKenzie is a top 20 global law firm with more than 4,000 lawyers in over 70 offices around the world serving more than 500 of the world’s largest companies. We worked with their Asia Pacific based partners.

The Challenge

The firm sought our help to develop the executive presence of female partners so they could break into the top tier. Specifically they needed to:

  • Make a name for themselves in the Asia Pacific region;
  • Win the confidence of colleagues, especially at the top tier partner level;
  • Be skilled at building the right relationships;
  • Be given a distinct advantage in an uneven playing field.

"Some of the most valuable things I learned was to communicate with a passionate purpose and to use my breath and pauses to establish my personal presence in the room."

- -Participant

The Solution

We delivered a Leading with Presence - Building Relationships program to women partners based in the Asia Pacific region with the following results:

  • 85% of participants indicated that as a result of the program, they were able to make internal and external meetings and presentations more engaging than before.
  • 71% of participants indicated that as a result of the program they were able to:
    • Motivate others to action around projects & new changes
    • Build stronger relationships with internal & external stakeholders
    • Create a more trusting and collaborative organisation