AbbVie – Biopharmaceutical Sales Team

How the Ariel Group Australia helped AbbVie's sales professionals stand out.

increase sales peformance

The Client

AbbVie is a multinational biopharmaceutical company with more than 28,000 people globally and serving patients in 170 countries. The company has been in Australia for more than 75 years and is focused on developing new products and new ways to help people manage their health, and lead better lives.

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive industry, especially when blockbuster products come off patent, the focus is to look at ways salespeople can differentiate themselves from competitors in front of physicians and hospital administrators. The underlying sentiments carried by their customers are either "If I can get it from anywhere, why should I come to you?” and/or “what real value do I get from meeting with you?”

To deal with some of these challenges, the organisation had introduced a new sales methodology which required salespeople to have ‘different’ conversations with physicians and hospitals administrators. Although salespeople had learned the process and methodology, these different conversations were either not happening, or on occasions when they did happen, they were sub-optimal.

It was diagnosed that the missing element was a skills one. It required salespeople to build trust quickly, develop credibility fast, be authentic, and make an immediate impact with physicians and hospital administrators. It was all about their presence when they were in front of their customers. If salespeople are confident of the “how”, i.e., their presence skills, then the “what” i.e., the methodology, is applied and the sales process is enhanced.

“I have been on numerous sales training programs over the last 20 years, but I must say the Selling with Presence program was by far the most valuable one I have ever done. I wish I had done this when I was a rookie”

- -Participant

The Solution

We are working with the client to enhance their new sales methodology they have introduced with Ariel’s Selling with Presence workshop.

The Selling with Presence workshop is agnostic of any sales process and methodology so is able to compliment what already exists. It builds on the in huge investments many companies have already made in introducing a new sales process or approach. The program was delivered to experienced sales professionals and is allowing them to master the subtleties of voice, body, and message congruence to create impact with prospects and clients.

They are learning how to better:

  • Articulate the specific unique value they bring to their customer, be it a physician, key opinion leader, or a hospital administrator;
  • Communicate in a way that is authentic, compelling and memorable;
  • Identify and leverage specific aspects of their presence to increase their credibility and build trust;
  • Influence and inspire their clients to take the next step in the sales process or take the business relationship to next level
  • Demonstrate confidence that matches their ability

As a secondary outcome, we discovered participants are also:

  • Building strong teamwork skills and a sense of collegiality within the participant group
  • Honing each participant’s ability to coach each other on presence skills