Many of the smartest people in organizations may be coming up short of their full potential—not because they lack intelligence or technical proficiency, but because they haven’t developed the core communication skills to connect, influence, and convey their messages communicate with clarity and credibility.

Professionals need to master the subtleties of voice, body, and message alignment that enables them to present themselves and their ideas more powerfully to clients and colleagues at all levels in person or virtually.


Additionally, when communicating virtually across cities or time zones, building strong relationships is essential to getting things done—and also more challenging. From phone calls and web conferences to video chats and online presentations, managers and professionals can’t rely on the benefits and nuances of in-person interaction, leaving them to rely even more on effective communication skills. Successful managers harness their virtual presence to connect authentically with their remote audiences in order to influence and inspire across the virtual divide.

As mediums of communication vary, managers and salespeople They need to become more compelling communicators in all mediums in person, in writing or virtually.

Communication Courses & Programs

Our communications training courses focus on helping professionals use presence to communicate their messages no matter the medium or audience. Through foundations and techniques drawn from acting and improvisation, professionals gain practical strategies to more effectively influence and engage any audience and convey more inspiring messages.

Presence Essentials

Long Distance Course

Presence Essentials is an immersiveonline learning experience that enables organisations to develop the skills and behaviours of presence in a scalable way.
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Virtual Presence

Long Distance Course

Virtual Presence uses best-in-class virtual learning platforms and a unique methodology rooted in actor training to help mangers & team members communicate effectively in everything from phone calls to web conferences.
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