Virtual Presence

online business meeting

When communicating across cities or time zones, building strong relationships is essential to getting things done, however, it is also more challenging. When they can’t rely on the benefits and nuances of in-person interaction, most successful leaders, managers and professionals harness their virtual presence to connect authentically with their remote audiences in order to influence and inspire during online meetings & presentations.

Virtual Presence uses best-in-class virtual learning platforms and a unique methodology rooted in actor training to help your leaders and high potentials engage, build relationships and connect with people in any virtual context. From phone calls and web conferences and online presentations, we’ll help them get maximum value from their time and their tools.

Using Presence In Online Business Meetings

A strong personal presence when communicating virtually is key to fostering cohesion and ensuring that both individuals and team members are effectively communicated to. Colleagues also receive an enhanced sense of belonging and are conveyed the feeling they work in and are part of a supportive environment. The risk of continued ‘low-Presence’ and weak communication could make individuals or teams prone to:

  • low individual commitment
  • role ambiguity
  • absenteeism
  • social loafing

All resulting in low productivity and poor business results.

Poor ‘presence’ when communicating online can result in the loss of information due to the lack of non-verbal communication. The absence of non-verbal cues can lead to frustration, misunderstandings and eventually even generate conflict among those they work with. Having a strong ‘virtual presence’ can create an environment for individuals to feel motivated, to participate, exchange ideas & identify creative solutions to longstanding business problems. Virtual presence can usually augment participant engagement, encouraging cross-fertilisation among different people, which leads to high-quality group decision making and leading to positive business outcomes.

Program Outcomes

Virtual Presence is a highly experiential, virtual instructor-led training (VILT) that includes three two-hour live online sessions, coaching and action planning accompanied by asynchronous assignments for additional reflection and skill reinforcement.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Engage remote audiences more effectively using a variety of tools and frameworks
  • Have a stronger, more expressive vocal and webcam presence during virtual interactions
  • Deepen internal and external relationships, even in the absence of face-to-face interaction
  • Make virtual communications more concise, clear and aligned with their intentions

If your business is looking to amplify its reach by means of online meetings, webinars, or calls then your team is sure to benefit from our Virtual Presence Course. Contact us to discuss how Virtual Presence can help your business.


Session #1: Being Present and Building Trust

  • Introduction to Virtual Presence
  • Building relationships virtually through trust and empathy

Session #2: Setting (and Sharing) the Stage

  • Facilitating virtual meetings
  • Webcam presence

Live Virtual Session #3: Communicating with Impact

  • Using descriptive language to engage
  • Leveraging voice and tone to communicate with intention

Asynchronous Assignments

  • Learning portal assignments prompt ongoing skill application between sessions
  • Class blog to share personal reflections and takeaways
  • Links to additional resources