Upcoming Event 21st March: The Executive Presence Masterclass
  • Communication Skills

    Great leaders connect authentically on both an intellectual and emotional level to motivate and inspire others toward a desired outcome. This is the essence of leadership presence.

Presenting with Presence

Many of the smartest people in your organisation may be coming up short of their full potential—not because they lack intelligence or technical proficiency, but because they haven’t developed the presence to deliver their message and handle audience interaction with clarity, poise, and conviction.

Course Format:

Face-To-Face workshopVirtual

Designed For:

ManagersProfessionalsSubject Matter ExpertsIndividual Contributors

Topic Description

Presenting With Presence helps leaders, high-potentials, professionals, consultants, and others demonstrate the confidence that matches their expertise and intellect. By mastering the subtleties of voice, body, and message congruence, participants learn how to deliver clear, compel- ling presentations and respond to audience questions with authority and composure.

Learning Objectives

Presenting With Presence is a dynamic training experience that includes pre-work, a one-day workshop, and optional follow-up reinforcement activities. The workshop provides a practical laboratory environment where participants explore and develop their presence, learn actor communication skills and techniques, and practice “owning” the role of the expert in the room.

Program Outcomes

  • Capture Attention: By infusing expressiveness, vocal and physical presence, and intent into messages
  • Respond with Speed of Thought: Being able to handle questions with self-assurance and poise
  • Claim a Seat at the Table: By demonstrating the authority to move to a leadership position
  • Be Memorable: By tapping into and leveraging a unique, authentic presence

Who Should Attend

  • Managers who need to communicate confidently and credibly to their managers and teams
  • Key professionals who have been given feedback that they “lack executive presence” or aren’t “seen as leaders”
  • Professionals at all levels who present to senior audiences or in other situations where they need to be seen and remembered as experts
  • Individuals being groomed for transition to next-level management/leadership