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    Sales training designed to help you distinguish yourself from the competition, show up with confidence, build credibility, and develop influence.

Selling with Presence

Selling With Presence is a sales training course designed to help salespeople show up with confidence, build credibility, and develop influence when interacting with prospects.

Course Format:


Designed For:

Sales ManagersSales Professionals

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the specific unique value they bring to their client.
  • Identify and leverage specific aspects of their presence to increase their credibility and build trust
  • Influence and inspire their clients to take the next step in the sales process or take the business relationship to next level.

Secondary outcomes are:

  • Building strong teamwork skills and a sense of collegiality within the participant group
  • Honing each participant’s ability to coach other participants

Course Description

  • Definition of Sales Presence: the ability to connect authentically with clients and build relationships that drive results for the client, for the salesperson and for the company.
  • Introduction to Sales Presence Skills with the PRES Model: Present, Reaching Out, Expressive, Self-Knowing.
  • Signals of Sales Presence: Participants learn the signals of high and low presence and practice and receive coaching on blind spots.
  • Communicating with High Sales Presence: Participants expand physical and vocal presence and understand the practice of using different Passionate Purposes.
  • Value Proposition: Participant’s craft and rehearse clearly articulating the value they bring to their client and practice listening in a way that builds authentic connection, increases presence and adds value.
  • Integrating Personal Presence into Client Interactions: Participants practice real-time business scenarios where they need to engage the client and receive individual coaching from the Ariel facilitator.
  • Action Planning: Participants develop a personal action plan for continued improvement.

Program Outcomes

Selling with Presence provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a one-day classroom workshop, and reinforcement to strengthen learning outcomes. It is agnostic of any sales methodology, so no matter whatever sales process salespeople have previously been trained in. Selling with Presence will enhance their selling impact without conflicting with what they already may know.