Developing Personal & Professional Skills

These are the competencies that often are not taught (or acquired) as part of secondary and tertiary qualifications, however they are critical for success. What are the differences between professional and personal skills?

Imagine there are two people in your team, both of whom are great at managing projects. They are both organised, detail-oriented and thorough. However, there are some differences: one is able to speak and write in a way they get her ideas across and understood; she has the ability to build strong relationships inside and outside the organisation; she can deal with conflict situations quickly; she is considered a very good listener; she has strong negotiations skills and usually finds a win-win outcome; she has excellent presentation skills and keeps her audience engaged; and she is able to manage her composure in stressful situations. The other person does not have these skills, and that makes all the difference.

developing professional skills

Professional skills, such as those highlighted above, are those required to be very good in any job and are essential for career advancement. Personal skills are similar but not restricted to your job as they can be used outside the organisation and outside one’s career for life in general.

As you can see for the example above, both individuals can do their jobs and if they were to be assessed on project management ability, they would be at the same level. However, with the added benefit of excellent professional and personal skills, one of the employees will always be one step ahead.

Our personal and professional development training courses focus on helping professionals be more effective in getting their job done through enhancing their personal presence. We know from our experience that presence is applicable to all professions - A to Z - from Accountant to Zoologist. Presence is a professional and personal skills that can applied in multiple contexts.

Your resume gets you the interview, it’s your PRESENCE that gets you the job,

Your skill makes you effective, it’s your PRESENCE that gets you noticed,

Your creativity produces ideas, it’s your PRESENCE that gets them heard,

Your hard work gets you appreciated, it’s your PRESENCE that gets you promoted

The brand gets you in the door, it’s your PRESENCE that gets you the deal,

Your position gives you authority, it’s your PRESENCE gives you influence,

Your leadership gives you the stage, it’s your PRESENCE that inspires your audience

Personal & Professional Skills Courses

Presence Fundamentals

Classroom Course

Presence Fundamentals helps your entry-level and early career professionals build foundational presence skills that will serve them throughout their careers
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Building Relationships

Classroom Course

Leading with Presence: Relationship Building helps leaders, managers, high potentials and client-facing professionals leverage their values to build deeper, richer connections with others.
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Personal Presence

Classroom Course

By mastering the subtleties of voice, body, and message alignment, participants emerge with a commanding presence that enables them to present themselves and their ideas more powerfully to clients and colleagues at all levels.
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Executive Presence & Personal Presence

Keynote Presentation for Large Groups

Presence is how you ‘show up’ in high stakes situations as your very best self. These keynotes on Executive Presence and Personal Presence are designed to inspire you to go beyond to engage with people.
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Personal & Professional Skills Enhanced With Presence

Management Skills

Managers need to think “big picture” while keeping a razor eye on the details. Our programs help managers build and leverage relationships across functions and motivate direct reports to execute on strategies and directives.
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Senior Leadership

Presence training is vital to helping senior leaders inspiring and engage the entire hierarchy below them, and allows them to communicate strategic messages with clarity and impact.
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Reaching Your Potential

Our courses for high-potentials center around helping them be more visible as a leader by boosting their confidence and communication skills
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Early Career Professionals

Our work with early career professionals focuses on helping them build foundational presence skills that will serve them throughout their careers.
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Subject Matter Experts

By mastering the subtleties of voice, body, and message congruence, subject matter experts can learn how to craft and deliver a polished, compelling statement of the unique value they bring to the table.
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Technical Professionals

We work with engineers, consultants, & product specialists at all levels to help them engage with audiences while communicating their expert knowledge.
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Women & Affinity Groups

By teaching women & minorities how to get their voices heard, they are able to rise beyond stereotypes and have their true value recognized.
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