Business Writing

The ever increasing medium of doing business today is writing. Businesspeople write more than they speak. Business people tell us that they turn to writing first to engage people and get things done.

Additionally more and more people are doing business virtually. With the virtual workforce’s dependence on e-mail, clients now turn to documents more than meetings and conversation.

business writing

Who needs to learn business writing?

Leadership & Management

Leaders use writing more than any other mode to guide their people. Leaders’ daily writing
must support their company’s strategy and set forth priorities to gain buy-in.


Sales people are usually better talkers than writers. Meanwhile, prospects and clients are
almost impossible to reach on the phone. Whether selling technical services, consumer goods,
or other solutions, salespeople say they are now writing to their customers more than
speaking to them.

Technical Professionals

Engineers, scientists, and technicians need their writing to speed decisions and prevent
miscommunications—to correctly explain problems, solutions, plans, and next steps in a
crystal clear way. This includes biotech, scientific, research, field service, and other types of
management or individual contributors at all levels.


Consultants need to win high-value contracts over similar competitors. They see their
written products as a differentiating advantage. Their decks and documents must deepen
client relationships and add credibility to their brand. In a world where it is hard to stand out,
powerful writing helps them look as smart as they are.

There are few advanced, management-level business writing programs for global leaders.

Ariel is a leader in a small field of specialists who can offer advanced business writing programs and coaching.

Contact us regarding our business writing programs and how they can be applied to you or your team, or view our other programs for developing professional skills.