Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentations on Executive Presence or Personal Presence by Andre Alphonso for your Company Meetings and Conferences

Andre will deconstruct the elements of presence so that you will walk away with practical skills and tactics that you can apply straight away to amplify your own presence. You will:

  • Peek into the future and know how presence fits into a digitally disrupted world
  • Have tactics that will allow you to turn up your authentic personal presence immediately
  • Understand how to sell yourself and your ideas with power and passion
  • Discover how to inspire others and create followership through techniques used by actors

André’s keynotes on Executive Presence and Personal Presence are designed to inspire you to go beyond standard ways of engaging with people.

Presence is how you ‘show up’ in high stakes situations as your very best self be it one-on-one or one-on-many. It is the ability to connect authentically, communicate effectively, inspire action and build relationships. Presence will give you the power of true influence - to affect the actions, behaviours, and opinions of others in a real and authentic way. You will walk away with a practical set of tactics that you can immediately use to turn up the volume on your presence and influence.

André Alphonso is an entrepreneur, owner and leader of multiple businesses, published author, executive coach and keynote speaker who uses storytelling as a way of communicating his message. Australia is his base and he works in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Andre’s singular focus is to enhance the personal presence of all individuals, be they leaders, salespeople, professionals or individual contributors in all types of organisations. He is passionate about helping people think bigger and be bolder than where they are in their world so that they can claim their value. He will tailor his keynotes to the client and conference outcomes to deliver a session that will engage your people from the start to the end and they will walk away with presence tactics that will be used for life.

Contact us today if you or your team are ready to develop the skills needed to communicate effectively in the ever-changing business world.

Client Testimonials


“At the start of Andre’s “Personal Presence” keynote address to my team recently, I introduced him as “someone with the power to change lives.” Through the insights, stories and practical advice in his talk, Andre infuses in people the self-belief and confidence to share their true, authentic self to others and in doing so build stronger human connection. Andre brings a beautiful style and persona to this talk which effortlessly traverses humour, empathy, introspection, curiosity, learning, and emotion. Andre indeed changed a few lives that day.” - Vimpi Juneja - Group Executive, Bank of Queensland


 “I am still buzzing after Andre’s session yesterday. A smile comes to my face when I think about his intro, the F word and the way he helped us understand the significance of the letters P R E S in the word presence.” - Gavin Nelson, Group Manager - Cuscal


“Andre delivered an insightful, thought provoking, funny and very engaging keynote for our leaders in Citipower Powercor and United Energy. Exceeded all expectations.” - Tim Horman, Manager Learning and Development, Citipower Powercor and United Energy


“The skills taught by Andre were very easy to understand and under-used by many leaders in today’s world. The impact of using such techniques makes an amazing difference in terms of leading and influencing effectively” - Bella Scaplehorn, CFO, True Local


“Andre’s talk was both insightful and uplifting and gave me some really good “food for thought” as to how to approach certain situations in the workplace and beyond” - Simon Scott, National Recruitment Manager, Corrs, Chambers Westgarth


 “Andre was fantastic. He was highly engaging and the content was relevant, relatable and clear how we could apply to our roles and daily lives.” - Senior Manager, Financial Services


“Absolutely loved Andre. It made me think back to recent interactions with others and how I can change and be more inspiring, motivational and positive.” - Executive, Banking