Presence Fundamentals

Are your early career professionals ready to be added to the leadership pipeline?


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Despite the best efforts of leading colleges and universities to prepare young people for the business world, many employers are finding that their entry-level talent struggles to communicate effectively, show up with confidence and competence and demonstrate empathy and understanding.

A Foundation for Excellent Communication

Presence Fundamentals helps your entry-level and early career professionals build foundational presence skills that will serve them throughout their careers. They’ll learn how to show up on-brand, communicate concise messages, listen effectively and understand the impact they are having on others. These introductory skills will set them on the path to effective communication in the workplace.

Program Overview

Presence Fundamentals is a high-octane interactive experience that includes a blend of speaker presentation and small group participative exercises that leverage the power of peer coaching.

At the end of this 3.5-hour session, participants are able to:

  • Apply the 4 essential elements of presence to their current role and as they advance along their career path
  • Understand their own presence strengths and learning edges and the behavioural strategies that will make them more effective
  • Deliver a project status update with confidence, energy and authenticity to a variety of different audiences

If you're serious about ensuring your employees have effective communication skills, contact us today for more information about Presence Fundamentals.

Program Modules

  • What is presence and why does it matter?
  • Attention and focus in the age of technology
  • Thoughtful questioning & listening with empathy
  • Communicating concisely and expressively
  • Tailoring a message by audience
  • Closing & Takeaways

Flexible Delivery

  • Accommodates group sizes from 15 to 200+
  • Priced based on number of participants
  • Timed to fit your agenda