Good leadership is built on more than technical competence, knowledge, and drive. Good leaders have developed something more: the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others in order to motivate and inspire them toward a desired outcome. They have developed Leadership Presence.

Whether presenting to large groups, facilitating team meetings, or delivering messages one- on-one, good leaders have to connect with others on both a rational and an emotional level. They need the skills to build credibility, establish personal connections, and communicate
messages that stick.


The commanding presence of a good leader that enables them to present themselves and their ideas more powerfully to clients and colleagues at all levels.

The best leaders draw on their own unique history and style and use the power of storytelling to inspire trust, promote collaboration, and galvanize the people around them to follow their lead and reach breakthrough results.

Our programs focus on developing leadership skills to achieve the level of authenticity required to inspire and motivate staff at all levels.

Leadership Courses & Programs

Leading With Presence

Classroom Course

Leading with Presence provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a two-day classroom workshop, and follow up coaching to strengthen learning outcomes.
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Leading With Presence: Storytelling

Classroom Course

Storytelling provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a classroom workshop, and reinforcement to strengthen leadership skills & communication.
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Leading With Presence: Building Relationships

Classroom Course

Relationship Building helps leaders, managers and client-facing professionals leverage their values to build deeper, richer connections with others.
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Leadership Presence

Large Group Course

This entertaining, interactive large group experience will introduce your leaders and high-potentials to the skills they need to build credibility, establish personal connections, and communicate messages that stick.
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