Executive Presence for Women

Show up with confidence, demonstrate credibility, and articulate unique value.

Research by the Centre for Talent Innovation suggests that one of the many reasons women remain woefully underrepresented at the highest levels of leadership is because they “lack executive presence” or are “just not seen as leaders.” CTI research also finds that feedback around executive presence can be both confusing and contradictory, making it almost impossible to act on.

Executive Presence for Women helps women leaders and high-potential individual contributors demonstrate the confidence that matches their expertise and intellect. They will learn how to master the subtleties of voice, body, and message congruence, and craft and deliver a polished, compelling personal brand statement of the unique value they bring to your organisation, team or project.

Designed for:

  • Women at all levels in organisations who want to:
    • Better articulate what they need
    • Demonstrate greater confidence and credibility in how they show up in one-on-one meetings or in one-on-many situations
    • Claim their value.

Learning objectives

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the behavioural signals of executive presence.
  • Communicate the value they bring to the organisation, team or project in a clear and compelling personal brand statement.
  • Build awareness of their strengths and areas for growth around Executive Presence.

Program Outline

(1 x 180 minute Virtual Instructor Led session plus one on one coaching by facilitator)

VILT Session 1 (3 hours)

  • Welcome, introduction and check-in
  • Acknowledge complexity of the dynamics surrounding women and leadership
  • Introducing one of the dynamics is about women claiming their value and worth
  • Value Propositions
    • Introduction and demonstration
    • Listening
  • Identifying personal value propositions
  • Introduce Metaphors
  • Presence definition, PRES model and the four competencies
  • Signals of ‘Presence’
  • Rehearse in pairs – putting it all together
  • Action Learning & Close

One-on- One Coaching (45 minutes per person)

Participants will be asked to present their personal value proposition over a virtual video platform  and will receive coaching on their presence and delivery of their value proposition.

Participants will rehearse their value propositions with the facilitator.