Feedback & Coaching

In today’s rapidly changing and virtual world, providing authentic feedback and coaching for success is an increasingly important part of being a manager, it is also becoming more challenging. Wider spans of control, matrix structures, heavier workloads, and the dispersed and now virtual nature of most teams leave managers struggling to find time and opportunities to develop their team members.

Providing feedback and coaching can no longer rely on the old model of manager-as-expert – knowledge is simply expanding too rapidly. Nor can it be restricted to annual performance review sessions. Instead, feedback and coaching must occur on a consistent, day-to-day basis. This program is designed to help managers identify and seize coaching opportunities and apply coaching practices that are appropriate to the demands of modern business delivered in person or virtually.

Designed for:

  • Managers who need to provide coaching and feedback to team members
  • Individual contributors required to provide feedback and coaching as pert of their job role
  • Professionals working in a matrix structure

Learning objectives

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Use an effective process model to deliver feedback.
  • Describe strategies and tactics for challenging feedback reactions.
  • Identify the typical coaching traps that they fall into.
  • Understand the components of an effective coaching model and apply it to real situations.
  • Learn the tips and tactics of providing feedback and coaching in a virtual medium.

Program Outline

(2 x 120minute Virtual Instructor Led Sessions)

VILT Session 1 - Authentic Feedback (90 minutes)

  • Feedback Quiz
  • Context: Why feedback is important
  • Exercise: What are the challenges in giving authentic feedback?
  • Breakout Rooms: Personal examples of last experience in receiving feedback
  • SBI (Situation – Behaviour – Impact) Feedback Process Model
  • Practice in Breakout Rooms: Practice SBI Model in pairs
  • Dealing with challenging reactions
  • Virtual considerations – delivering authentic feedback virtually (tips and tactics)
  • Set-up for on-the-job practice

VILT Session 2 - Coaching for Success (90 minutes)

  • Coaching Quotes Warm-up Exercise
  • Recap on practice sessions from Session #1
  • Context: Coaching Challenges experienced by participants
  • Common Coaching Traps managers fall into
  • Coaching Model iGROW
  • Demonstration Hydra Fishbowl
  • Practice in Breakout Rooms using the iGROW process and debrief
  • Missed coaching opportunities
  • Virtual considerations – coaching virtually (tips and traps)
  • Action plan and close