Storytelling with Presence

Great leaders and communicators bring more to the table than technical skills and intellect, or inner charisma and charm. They know how to draw people in and relate to their audiences through their Executive Presence and an expanded range of expressiveness and using the power of storytelling to communicate their values, inspire trust and galvanise and move people.

Storytelling with Presence links the best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviours to help leaders, managers and subject matter experts convey information with impact and influence.

Designed for:

  • Managers and leaders who need to communicate complex concepts and strategies in a succinct and relatable way
  • Senior leaders who need to inspire large groups to fulfill the vision of the organisation
  • Subject matter experts who need to make data accessible through story

Learning objectives

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the concept of Leadership Presence and tools to help them embody it.
  • Deliver a powerful personal story that is audience ready and can be linked to a strategic message.
  • Express themselves with a broader range of physical and voice expressiveness.
  • Have practical storytelling techniques that will help them influence, inspire and motivate through the power of story.

Program Outline

(1 x 180 minute Virtual Instructor Led session plus one on one coaching by facilitator)

VILT Session 1 (3 hours)

  • Welcome, introduction and check-in
  • Actor/Leader Skills
  • What is Leadership Presence
  • PRES Model
  • Being Present
  • Breathing
  • Expressiveness
  • Breakout Exercise: Big Change Fast
  • Passionate Purpose
  • Best practice techniques for story
  • Breakout Exercise: Practice in three rounds
  • context
  • Set-up for practice and one-on-one coaching

One-on- One Coaching (45 minutes per person)

Participants will be asked to present their stories over a virtual video platform and will receive coaching on their presence and use of storytelling techniques.

Participants will rehearse their stories with the facilitator.