Working in an Engaging Remote Environment

Virtual presence for individual contributors.

Professionals who need to get business done in the virtual environment cannot always rely on the benefits and nuances of in-person interaction. The most successful professionals harness their virtual presence to connect authentically with remote audiences. From phone calls and web conferences to video chats and presentations, professionals need to show up with confidence and authenticity.

Designed for:

  • Team members who need to connect virtually
  • Professionals who need to get business done virtually
  • Anyone who need to show up with more confidence and authenticity in a virtual environment

Learning objectives

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Engage remote colleagues and clients more effectively.
  • Develop stronger vocal and webcam presence to signal confidence and engagement.
  • Make more authentic, trusting connections with virtual colleagues and clients.
  • Show up with confidence and credibility in virtual interactions and meetings.

Program Outline

(3 x 120minute Virtual Instructor Led Sessions)

VILT Session 1 (2 hours)

  • Welcome, introduction and check-in
  • Self assessment
  • Being in the moment
  • Signals of Presence
  • Passionate Purpose
  • “Prepare and get present” section of the arc
  • Closing and homework

VILT Session 2 (2 hours)

  • Check-in
  • Breathing
  • “Engage self and others” section of the arc
  • Speaking up
  • Challenging characters
  • Supporting others; global communication
  • “Get clarity and commit” section of the arc
  • Closing and homework

VILT Session 3 (2 hours)

  • Check-in
  • Rehearsals – A’s
  • Presentations – A’s
  • Adjusting to your audience
  • Rehearsals – B’s
  • Presentations – B’s
  • Closing & appreciations