Writing for Results

Our flagship writing program leads participants through the Three Steps to Writing for Results—a strategic, repeatable framework to create concise, action-driving documents.

Starting with audience analysis, then brainstorming, then choosing the best ways to group and sequence information, they plan, draft, and edit a piece of writing from their real to-do list. We tailor the program to your group’s specific needs, whether they’re writing email messages or complex reports and proposals.

By applying an easy-to-learn and proven process, they will communicate more strategically, model compelling writing for your organisation, create buy-in, build trust, and manage more productively.

Designed for:

  • Managers who need to communicate with greater presence in their written communication (email, reports, board papers)
  • Professionals/ Individual contributors required to better influence their audience through email and written communication

Learning objectives

Learners use the Six Steps to plan, draft, and edit an on-the-job document. After the program, learners will be able to

  • Position conclusions and action steps strategically.
  • Analyse their audience to better influence their readers and strengthen relationships.
  • Design for visual impact creating documents their readers will read first.
  • Edit accurately using checklists.
  • Build credibility and enhance professional image.

Program Outline

(2 x 120minute Virtual Instructor Led Sessions)

VILT Session 1 (150 minutes)

  • Understand the Three Steps to Writing for Results
  • Set writing goals and analyse the audience
  • Connect the concept of an audience-centred focus to texts, IMs, and email subject lines
  • Leverage a new technique to generate content ideas
  • Group information according to “headlines” to create a clear structure

VILT Session 2 (120 minutes)

  • Communicate strategically by sequencing ideas with a logical flow
  • Draft documents with confidence and an iterative mindset
  • Rapidly edit and finalise a document with confidence
  • Action planning and close