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Mindful Mondays

FREE Mindfulness and Resilience Sessions for Ariel Australia’s Clients Only
Mondays 4.00 to 5.00 pm AEST

Distress comes to us in three forms: physical, mental (thought patterns), and emotional. All are intertwined. If we can find ways to deal with these forms then we can increase our resilience. Mindfulness practices help us to handle all three forms. You will be guided through experiential, practical and evidence-based mindfulness sessions that will help you understand how you can manage stress, aid physical well-being and manage disruptive emotions. You will learn simple portable practices which you can easily embed in your daily routine.

Areas Covered


Mindfulness of the body

Becoming aware moment to moment about the body and developing non-judgemental awareness by paying attention to each part.

Mindful Breathing

Train meta attention by mindful breathing. Using breath as an anchor to train the mind and recover the wandering mind.

Mindfulness of thought patterns
Understand the nature of your thinking. Being aware of the default thought patterns and how you get lost into them. How mindfulness can help you change this default mode and help you realise that we are not our thoughts.
Mindfulness of emotions
Paying attention without judgment to the emotional content arising and being aware of them.
Accepting and letting go
Importance of facing the reality and letting go. Handling difficult emotions. Untying the knots.
Antidote to negative emotions
How you can mindfully cultivate empowering emotions. Importance of nourishing positive emotions.

Your Guide will be Nitten Mahadik
Nitten is an Ariel facilitator and part of the Ariel India team. As well as delivering programs on Presence, Nitten has been using mindfulness and theatre skills with people to achieve well-being and enhance their impact and influence. He is a trained actor having delivered more than 100 performances. He has been a Mindfulness practitioner for a decade and has conducted Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence workshops in corporates, education sector, and NGOs. He is also a certified SIY Teacher offering Mindfulness courses in 50 countries.
Nitten is based in Pune, India and the sessions will be delivered virtually using Zoom so he can observe and guide you and you can observe him.


The sessions will be conducted every Monday at 4:00pm to 5:00pm (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane) from June to end September extended by demand until 14 December 2020. Although we recommend you attend this program each week to build your own understanding and mindfulness practice, you can also participate based on your availability as each session stands alone.


In listening to our clients we have heard of the challenges their employees in organisations are experiencing during this pandemic. Consequently we felt a need to give back something to our clients who have stood by us before and during these challenging times. So Ariel Australia is sponsoring these sessions and making it complimentary for our clients.


Please register by completing the fields below and you will receive a Zoom link of a recurring session until September extended by demand until 14 December 2020. You can then participate based on your availability.