Using the power of storytelling to connect and influence in customer facing situations.

This workshop combines the best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to help sales professionals use agile, responsive storytelling to authentically connect and influence. You will enhance your capacity to build relationships with prospects and clients through presence and enhanced listening skills. You will learn to use the power of storytelling to connect with clients’ hearts and minds, galvanizing them to take action. After the session, you will leave with a library of stories they can use in any selling situation, and have developed the skills to deliver a story in the moment, in response to what the customer is sharing.

Outcomes you can expect:

Integrate stories into sales conversations

  • Understand why storytelling is a uniquely effective tool
  • Recognise the wealth of stories in their own lives
  • Learn key techniques for both spontaneous and well-rehearsed storytelling
  • Build a library of stories to use

Build relationships through presence and listening

  • Listen and reflect as a way to build relationship
  • Use vivid, sensory language and “speak in snapshots”
  • Align voice and body language with their key message
  • Leverage the strengths of their personal communication styles

Connect with prospects and clients

  • Discover how everyone connects to the power of storytelling
  • Speak to a client with creativity and imagination
  • Stay flexible, responsive, and focused when facing challenges or surprises


About The Event

Workshop: Morning

  • Making the case for storytelling
  • Sales Presence and “4 Cs” model
  • Vivid storytelling to create connection
  • Listening
  • Being agile: responsive and relevant storytelling

Workshop: Afternoon

  • Sales storytelling
  • Prep for practice session
  • Sales call practice sessions
  • Feedback
  • Action planning

Venue Address

Cliftons Sydney, 60 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Located in the MetCentre)

Date: 17th July 2019

Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Price: $795 plus GST

Your Host

Marko Mustac


Marko is a presence facilitator for the Ariel Group and a management and communication trainer, actor, improviser, writer, director and producer. He creates and facilitates programs in leadership, communication, presentation skills and teamwork for corporate, government and not-for-profit agencies.

Marko has performed in, and directed, Theatresports and improv comedy shows for 30 years in Australia and toured in Germany and Scotland. He was Artistic Director of Theatresports Australia for 4 years and is currently the Artistic Director of Impro Australia, the largest improv theatre company in the southern hemisphere. For more than 25 years, he has taught drama and improvisation for actors, high school students and adults.

Marko has also worked in television as a writer, warm-up comedian and performer. In the literary world, Marko is the winner of an Australian Bicentennial Literary Award for his short stories.