André Alphonso

Director, Ariel Group Australia

André Alphonso has more than thirty years of business and consulting experience gained predominantly in Australia and Asia. He has been with the Forum Corporation – a leading management consulting company – for over 19 years and in this time has performed many roles encompassing sales, consulting, design, executive coaching, and facilitation.

André’s clients have included the major professional services, financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy, hospitality, information technology, telecommunication and business process outsourcing organizations.

Guitar player. Foodie. Rugby tragic. Cook. Observer. Blogger. Music lover. Traveller. ENFP. Movie buff. Questioner/listener. Photographer. Undiscovered rock star.

Business Experience

He was Managing Director of Forum Australia and started up Forum’s operations in South Asia as the Managing Director of Forum India. On returning to Australia, he has joined forces with Scott Clift and George Abramowicz to establish the Ariel Group’s Australian business. Prior to that, he worked at Unisys, ACUS, Prime Computer, and Humes ARC.

Education and Credentials

  • Bachelor of Business degree in Business Studies from Western Sydney University

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