George Abramowicz

Director, Ariel Group Australia


George is a lead facilitator with over 25 years of experience in networking, leadership, sales and service. His first-hand experiences in these areas have made him a sought after resource by many clients, spanning Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and Canada. His ability to explain difficult concepts in a simple way allows him to accelerate the learning process for the participants in his workshops. George has thrown his extensive expertise in talent development into a collaboration with Scott Clift and André Alphonso to establish the Ariel Group’s Australian business. Recently he has been working on projects addressing engagement, leadership culture, top talent management, change management and sales development.

Addicted cyclist. Music, food and wine lover. Avid reader. Enjoys a good debate. Lover of sports. Unintentional imitator of accents.

Business Experience

George has held many different roles in organizations, from Business Analyst to Sales Executive, Political Advisor, to Manager and Director. He has worked for Optus, AGC, Caltex Oil, ESSO Australia.

Education and Credentials

  • Graduate of Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Studies from the University of Sydney.
  • Holds many accreditations including Edward de Bono Six Hat Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Accelerated Learning Mastery, Situational Leadership and DISC.

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