Distance learning is a cost effective and more convenient way to learn. There are two types of distance learning that Ariel offers.

Asynchronous learning, or location independent learning, allows learners to access the same learning material at their own time and at their own location. The main benefit is its convenience, scale ability, and cost. Presence Essentials is Ariel's asynchronous online learning option.

Synchronous learning allows learners in different locations to learn at the same time through web-based technology. The main benefit is it allows access to wider audiences and wider expertise as the 'virtual' instructor taking the class can be anywhere in the world. Virtual Presence and Reader Centered Business Writing are Ariel's synchronous distance learning options.

Presence Essentials

Presence Essentials is an immersive, asynchronous online learning experience that enables organisations to develop the skills and behaviours of presence in a scalable way. It is appropriate for early career professionals, independent contributors, new managers and anyone else who needs to show up with impact, influence broad audiences and build self-awareness about the way they interact with others.

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Virtual Presence

In an increasingly virtual world, building strong relationships has never been more essential—or more challenging. Using best-in-class virtual learning platforms and a unique methodology rooted in actor training, Virtual Presence combines experiential virtual instructor led training (VILT) sessions, coaching and asynchronous assignments. Upon completion of the program, participants have the virtual presence to engage, influence and communicate with clarity in any virtual situation.

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