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Leading with Presence: Storytelling

leading with presence storytelling

This one-day version of Leading with Presence focuses on using the power of storytelling to translate the complex, build trust, inspire around ideas and move people to action.



Recent neurological research on the way we process information through stories has proven what the most effective leaders and communicators have known since the Stone Age: that storytelling in a powerful and effective way to infuse ideas into the hearts and minds of others for lasting impact.

In the business world, storytelling is an essential communications tool; it can make complex data accessible, cultivate relationships with products and people, rally teams around a strategy and fuel
compelling narratives that shape organizational culture.

Storytelling provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a classroom workshop, and reinforcement to strengthen learning outcomes.

Program Outcomes:

  • A personal story that is audience ready and can be linked to a strategic message.
  • A broader range of physical and voice expressiveness when presenting (less monotone, more modulation).
  • An action plan with specific steps on how to continue developing their storytelling presence

Learn how to use the power of storytelling to communicate, inspire, and move people to action. Contact us today.

Visit our blog for more storytelling tips. You can also download our Essential Guide to Storytelling



  • Reading
  • Questions for personal reflection
Workshop Morning
  • Introduction to Presence Skills
  • Communicating Expressively
Workshop Afternoon
  • Using stories in business
  • Sourcing stories
  • Telling a story with impact


  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Technical professionals
  • Subject matter experts
  • Sales professionals

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