Are people in your organisation coming up short of their full potential?
Have they developed their Executive Presence to communicate their value with clarity and conviction?
21 March 2024
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Establishment 252
George Street Sydney

$397 includes
morning tea and lunch

The Executive Presence Masterclass

Deconstruct successful actors’ secrets to
Elevate Your Confidence,
Claim Your Value and
Amplify Your Impact
The Value of Presence
  • Raise Your Profile: By presenting your personal value with confidence and credibility
  • Build Stronger Professional Connections: By reducing the fear and anxiety of “putting yourself out there”
  • Be Heard: By tapping into and leveraging your unique, authentic presence
  • More Buy-In and Support: By infusing expressiveness, vocal and physical presence, and intent into your messages

Our Executive Presence Presenters For This Masterclass

The session will be led by Ariel’s professional facilitators Johanna De Ruyter and Marko Mustac.
They will provide you with the tools, strategies, and resources to elevate your Executive Presence.
Johanna De Ruyter

Johanna is a presence facilitator for the Ariel Group and an accomplished theatre practitioner, working for over two decades as a facilitator, actor and collaborator on a range of projects both nationally and internationally.

She has designed and delivered training programs using the performing arts, communication, and creativity to meet distinct learning outcomes.

Marko Mustac

Marko is a presence facilitator for the Ariel Group, a management and communication facilitator, actor, improviser, director and producer. He has also worked in television as a writer, warm-up comedian and performer.

He creates and facilitates programs in leadership, communication, presentation skills and teamwork for corporate, government and not-for-profit agencies.

At Ariel, we strive to help individuals develop their leadership skills, ​
enhance their professional presence,
and find an ​authentic voice that is both heard and respected. ​